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Variation Ranges

Variation & Uniformity Codes
Natural stone products inherently lack uniformity and are subject to variation in aesthetics (color, shade, finish, etc.) and performance (hardness, strength, slip resistance, etc.). Natural stone products do not meet minimum coefficient of friction thresholds recommended by safety standard setting organizations. No warranties express or implied, relative to merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose are made regarding the natural stone products provided by ANSI India.

Natural stones are products of nature, and no two pieces are alike. These codes are intended as a general guide to how much variation in color, movement and veining can be expected in the stone products that appear in this website.

Please Note: All natural stones have unique natural variations and inclusions that are impossible to show in a photograph or sample. For this reason, all stone tile and slabs should be unpacked and inspected prior to installation, as Sun Marble cannot accept claims for variation in any stone after installation.

A. Limited Variation - Stones in this category are relatively uniform in background color, veining and movement

B. Moderate Variation - These stones exhibit some variation in background color, veining and movement. Blending these materials during installation is strongly recommended to ensure satisfactory results.

C. Wide Variation - Stones in this category exhibit a wide range of variation in color, veining and movement. Blending these materials during installation is required to ensure satisfactory results.

D. Antique Variation - These stones are tumbled or otherwise distressed and will exhibit exaggerated color variation, uneven or chipped edges and possible variation in size or thickness. Blending these materials during installation is required to ensure satisfactory results.

Natural Stone Variation
Stone is a product of nature and no two pieces of stone are exactly alike. Every piece of stone has unique natural variations, markings, shadings and inclusions which can include fissures, pits, open or dry seams, fossils or glass veins and differ in regard to moisture absorption, surface finish, texture and coefficient of friction. These are not defects but rather inherent characteristics of stone products. All stone tiles and products should be sealed with a penetrating sealer prior to grouting to prevent the grout from staining the stone. It is further recommended that these stones be resealed as part of normal maintenance procedures.

* Each stone, and therefore each floor, is unique in character, and variation must be expected. All tile sizes and thickness are an approximatation only and all tiles will vary in colour, tone, marking and texture from those shown in the website/brochure or from samples received.


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