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Teak Wood Pebbles

Teak wood Pebble is a smooth round piece of stone obtained by tumbling of small rock fragment. These are normally round in shape. When it comes to landscaping material, teakwood sandstone pebble is the best choice due to its natural earthy toned color. Teakwood Pebble stone applications are wide and it can be used inside and as well as out side. Teakwood Pebbles can be used for different applications in exterior or interior cladding also in the garden pathways and for decoration purpose.

You can easily utilize hand crafted teakwood pebble stone for pools, waterfalls and bathrooms. These pebblestones can be easily installed on your pool driveways, walkways or planters in any area for decoration.


Color Option
Pure White Pebbles Red Pebbles
Pure White Pebbles
Red Pebbles


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