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White Pebbles (Tumble)

White pebbles are obtained in two ways viz natural white pebbles & tumbled pure white pebbles.

Natural river white pebbles are round pebbles which are collected from riverside. With change in the weather conditions, these pebbles do not loose their texture and thus maintain the original charm. Sorted, washed, and graded by hands from near the river beds these are well in demand due to their good quality and features.

Tumbled white pebbles are obtained by tumbling of small white marble rock fragments Pure white Pebbles are a combination of decorative river / tumbled pebbles and gravels that have completely revolutionised the concept of landscape development and interior decoration. A product of our natural environment, they speak the language of unrefined beauty. With a growing focus on environmental issues and sustainable landscape designs, we continually develop our product range to reflect the changing trends despite individual design needs, lifestyle & keeping green environment as our focus.

White pebbles are generally used for landscaping projects, gardens and for other decorative purposes, these stones are widely appreciated for their natural charm and beauty.


Color Option
River White Natural  White Natural Pebbles
White Pebbles (Tumble)
White Pebbles (Tumble)

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