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If you Love Nature you will love Natural Stones. We at Associated Natural Stones, try to bring you closer to the mother Earth.

Indeed, nothing compares to the beauty of nature thus the creation of nature viz Natural Stones, and nothing can match the feeling of walking over on a natural stone floor or touching a wall clad with the natural stone.

Pleasure obtained by a human being when he walks barefoot on a sandy beach Is something, no computer will ever be able to simulate even when Virtual Reality becomes reality. We all need the care of the nature our mother earth at all times with us near us.

The pleasant sound of water at the Sea Shore or music created by cascading water fall lends a soothing feeling to an ambience which makes us feel happy and calm.

The stunning beauty / creation of nature can never be duplicated and thus natural stone beauties never dates & always create more value to your home & garden. When we use Natural Stones in our House, Garden or place of work, we bring in a small part of nature close to us. The feel of a stone is soothing, so refreshing that no other manmade product can ever match. Rub your hand across any natural stone product. Can you feel the energy & time it took to produce this natural wonder of Mother Earth? It's a fact. The formative process for natural stone began millions of years ago, deep beneath the surface of the earth. A combination of heat and pressure created blocks of natural stones, including granite, marble, travertine, limestone, and slate.

When we walk across a natural stone floor and tread you feel the age old formation of the stone & the efforts put in by the ancient people in bringing forward to us such beautiful structures made with it. From ancient monuments, historical buildings or rather any important building in any country like the pyramids in Egypt, Greek and Roman temples, The Taj Mahal, Red Fort, to the great civilizations of India & other countries, natural stone has been an important part of architecture throughout history. It is the world's oldest building material -- imagine its beauty and elegance in your new project.

We may live or work in an ideal temperature and humidity controlled environment, but after a few hours we feel like opening the window or step out to get a breath of Fresh Air, thus indicating that we need some part of nature always with us.

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We at Associated Natural Stones ( ANSI India ) strive hard to provide our clients with quality, innovative natural stone products that try to bring little change to your life & bring you closer to the Mother Earth.