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Morwad White

Morwad Marble is a hard wearing quality of marble also known as milky white marble. this marble have white milky look & generates captivating splendor with generous splashes of green and grey on milky white base, giving it an exotic look. Morwad White marble quarries are one of the Asia's largest marble quarries. We at ANSI India are engaged in offering Morwad White Marble stones that are appreciated by architects and interior designers alike. These stones are known for their pristine white color and simple surface texture. We offer the morwad white marble stones in the form of tiles and slabs in various shapes and sizes.

Morwad White Marble is simple but look incredibly elegant and stunning. In addition that, it does not make dirt, scratches and chipped parts obvious. It is also easy to blend with other house and kitchen decor, so you won't have a problem changing your current kitchen motif if you are planning to install a Morwad White Marble floors or a solid worktop. It will bring a touch of exquisiteness to your kitchen and it could last a lifetime if properly cared for These worktops are also non porous, which means that it does not have a pore-like surface. Water and dirt do not sink in. This characteristic makes it relatively easy to clean.

The kitchen is one of the most important places in the house. It is where meals are made for enjoyable family moments in the dining room. Also, the kitchen is very challenging at the same time, fun to decorate and design. Not only does it need to look good, but it also needs to be functional and practical too. When building a new kitchen or remodeling one that has previously served you already, make sure you choose the best materials to install so you can make the most out of your new kitchen after it is done with construction. In addition to its life span functionality, a well made kitchen with high quality materials will better the appearance of your home as it will look clean and easy to maintain.


Classification Marble
Offered in Blocks, Slabs and Tiles
Finishes Offered Polished, Honed and Sawn (Rough)
Standard Specifications Random Slabs 1.8cm, 2cm and 3cm Thick
Polished, Calliberated & Bevelled Tiles
30.5 x 30.5 x 1cm
61.0 x 30.5 x 1cm
Cut to size tiles 2cm and 3cm Thick
30 x 30
40 x 40cm 
60 x 60cm
60 x 30cm
60 x 40cm
Tailor-Made Specifications Possible
Recommended Applications Interiors \ Shaded Exteriors
Suitability High Traffic
Consistency High
Fragility Sound
Delivery Fast

Technical Specification for Morwad White

Technical Information Value ASTM/ INDIAN Standards
Water absorption, % by weight 0.15 C-97
Density (Bulk specific gravity) 2.65 C-97
Modulus of rupture, N/ mm2 Dry - 11
Wet - 15
Compressive Strength N/ mm2 Dry - 117
Wet - 100
Color Option
Indian Carrara Ita Gold
Indian Carrara
Ita Gold

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