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Natural stone as the name suggests is obtained from nature thus like every human being each stone is unique in its color, texture, surface and so on, thus giving an opportunity to everyone to create that unique look to its environment using the beautiful gift of nature, Natural stone remains the number one choice for interior surfaces. We at ANSI India offer an extensive range of interior stone tiles in slates, sandstone, limestone, granite & marble. If you are an architect or interior designer at ANSI India we can offer you with the range of materials to set your designs apart. If you are homeowner be ready for yourself with the ideas and inspiration to transform your home or office into a space you can feel proud of. At ANSI India, tiles are available in an array of colours, styles and finishes & that too right from the Quarry direct.At ANSI India every care is taken while selecting each piece / block before being skilfully processed into a stunning finished product. Whether you are creating a contemporary or traditional space, ANSI India have a natural stone product to perfectly complement your design.

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Make your home / office the height with stunning styles from our wide range of flooring products. Designed to mesmerize you with the natural textures - from quarried slate, rustic Sandstones, Beautiful Marble, stunning Granites & exclusive limestone - these looks create flooring sophistication....

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Wall Cladding

Combining the significance and style of natural stone with a number of thoughtful, inventive design characteristics, ANSI India's wall cladding provides an effective tool in the hands of designers, architects, dealers, home builders, and stone professionals everywhere....

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ANSI India range of countertops give you the look that you desire & the durability that you deserve. Natural stone is an ideal countertop surface with a multitude of one-of-a-kind color choices and the durability to withstand everyday use. Natural, Durable & Beautiful; ANSI India's Granite...

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ANSI India is pleased to bring to you a classy design touch to your interior space with our sleek range of natural stone fireplaces. Use ANSI India's fireplaces surrounds to create feature walls and focal points throughout your interior. The smooth but textured surface of natural stone give them that special touch to your interior...

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Columns / Balustrades

Paving stones define beauty, elegance and durability for driveways and walkways. A properly installed paving stone driveway won't crack, sag, shift or separate....

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